Social Justice Outreach

Stewardship Councilperson: Joe Watt



Pro-Life Interests

Timeline – Ongoing awareness and activities as planned

Contact – OPEN

Description – Parishioners can participate in the Life-Chain along K-42 in (October). This group contacts state and federal Representatives and Senators about pro-life issues and prays in front of abortion clinics when possible.


Lord’s Diner Volunteer

Timeline – Occurs Second Monday of every month; come when available

Contact – Jean Richardson

Description - St. Johns supports the Lords Diner by working the 2nd Monday of every month. Volunteers must have a food handler’s card which is good for 4 yrs.  Periodic training opportunities are announced in the bulletin. Volunteers must be at least 12 yrs. old with parental permission; 18 yrs. or older without.


Catholic Political Awareness

Timeline – Ongoing Activity

Contact – OPEN

Description – Educate parishioners about issues and politics involving “the rights and duties of all in the exercise of civil freedom and in the attainment of the common good, and in organizing the relations of citizens among themselves and with respect to public authority” as it relates to our Faith.


Local Social Justice Awareness

Timeline – Ongoing

Contact - Joe Watt

Description – Participate in activities to support Social Justice Activities in the community, such as the Warming Souls Project and other projects to support the community as a whole.   A goal of this group is to offer educational opportunities to the parish/community to recognize social justice issues.  


Special Needs Response

Timeline – Ongoing

Contact – OPEN

Description – Following notification by the parish office or individuals that a need exists within our home parish, diocese, or local community at large, the Special Need Response coordinators assemble a team to address the needs of said persons to determine the most efficient assistance we, as a parish, can offer to provide a positive outcome.