Members of St. John the Evangelist parish are ready to minister to varied needs of their own parish family as well as the needs of the wider community and Church. Just as members of a family come together to help one of their own, we serve those who are hurting or in need, doubting or seeking salvation. Our parish family also comes together to celebrate, thank and to return God's gifts - all are needs of parishioners.

 "...Amen I say to you, whatever you did for the least of my brothers, you did for me." Matthew 15:40

St. John the Evangelist parishioners stand ready and eager to collectively wrap our arms around our brothers and sisters when they suffer in trial and / or celebrate special events in their lives. Parishioners seek the parish family as a primary community to serve and to be served - to give and to receive. St. John the Evangelist is a place where service is appreciated and utilized for the good of the Church. But members of our parish family recognize that they also have a need to give beyond their own members only. They have a need to give in the diocese, the community and the Universal Church. The pillar of service is an opportunity for the parish to put into concrete practice the other three pillars of hospitality, prayer, and formation. 


Parish Office


In this ministry parishioners help with ongoing projects in the front office such as bulk mailings, data entry, copying and collating, placing phone calls, and preparing bulletins and newsletters.




Parish Library


The parish library is located right off of the gathering space in the church. There are many great Catholic resources from Papal Encyclicals to works from the most recent Catholic aughots. They are all available to peruse and borrow. Those that help with this ministry keep the library items shelved and organized.




Parish Website /


Social Media /




This ministry helps to keep the information and photos on the parish website and social media accounts current and attractive. The ability to write code is not required for this ministry but would be beneficial.




Offertory Collection




Our parishioners generously contribute their financial resources to the operations and mission of our parish family. Detail-oriented people are needed to count the offering collected during weekend Masses and prepare the deposit for the bank.




Church Flower




The church is decorated to enhance each liturgical season. Members of the flower committee plan the decorations for the season, order flowers and come together to put everything in place.




Flower Bed Care /




This ministry includes the upkeep of the gardens and trees that surround the parish buildings, cemetery and property boundaries.  If you have a love for gardening this ministry could use you to help spread joy through stewarding creation.




Church Cleaning


It takes many hands to keep our church looking clean! The parishioners who clean the church are on a weekly rotation, approximately twice a year. There is an established routine to follow that includes cleaning, dusting, mopping, and straightening the church to an acceptable condition.




Snow Removal


During the winter months it can become dangerous in our parking lot and on our sidewalks for our parishioners. This ministry is one of service and hospitality as they work diligently to clear the snow and ice to help make it safe for parishioners to attend Mass.




General Maintenance


Parishioners with a particular set of skills may be called upon to help complete various projects at the parish. These skills might include experience in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, or painting.




Parish Work Day


The parish work day is a day devoted to enhancement, repair and maintenance tasks throughout the church grounds, identified and performed through the stewardship of parishioners. 




Health and Wellness




In this ministry parishioners who are trained professional nurses assist with checking blood pressures following the Masses on the first weekend of the month.




The Lord's Diner


The Lord's Diner exists to combat hunger in the Wichita community. The Diner's mission is to serve a nutritious meal with dignity and respect to anyone who is hungry. Parishioners of St. John the Evangelist volunteer on the 2nd Monday of every month.  




Emergency Meals


Parishioners who participate in this ministry help to prepare meals or provide goods for families or individuals in crisis situations or severe illnesses. This may be for a one time event or an ongoing situation.




Visit Homebound /


Nursing Homes /




Those who are unable to get out into the community miss the relationship and conversation of spending time with others. This ministry connects parishioners who wish to provide support and companionship through visits to those who are homebound.




Pro - Life / Respect


Life Issues


This ministry exists to proclaim the dignity of human life - created in the Image of God - as the basis for the fundamental human right to life. The focus is four parts; education on the sanctity of human life, pastoral care for vulnerable persons, public policy advocacy, and prayer & worship.




Providing Rides to


Sunday Mass


There are parishioners here at St. John the Evangelist who are unable to drive to church but would very much like to be present at Mass. The ministry seeks to provide transportation to and from weekend Mass for those unable to drive.