Religious Education



Welcome to St. John's Religious Education program! We believe that parents are their child's primary catechists and we offer Religious Education classes that help to support our parish families in passing on the faith to the next generation. Teaching the Catholic Faith to our children comes from many sources within parish life, including Sunday Mass, prayer, and living a Catholic way of life at home. Here at St. John's we assist in that formation by offering Religious Education in a classroom setting for Kindergarteners through Seniors in High School, as well as Adults.

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What you need to know:

Attendance - Attendance is taken every Sunday and Wednesday at the beginning of Class. On Wednesdays attendance is also taken at the beginning of Mass. Letters will be sent to parents at the end of the semester with each child's attendance record.

Food - No food or drink will be allowed in the classrooms on Sundays or Wednesdays.

No Phones - Phones will be collected by each teacher at the beginning of class and handed back after Mass.

Safe EnvironmentSafe Environment lessons will be taught to all grades on the first class in October. Sunday, October 2nd & Wednesday, October 5th.

Meet the Teachers:

Kindergarten - Miss Andrea Pauly

1st Grade - Mrs. Vonnie Oberley

2nd Grade - Mrs. Angie Bielefeld

3rd Grade - Mr. Kelly Bielefeld

4th & 5th Grades - Mrs. Connie Armour & Mrs. Marilyn Garretson

6th Grade - Mr. Marc Wilson

7th Grade - Mr. Albert Hubl

8th Grade - Mrs. Jody Gorges

9th & 10th Grade - Miss Cassi FitzGerald, Mr. Matt Allmond, Mrs. Elizabeth Riddel-Kindle, Mrs. Lisa Berntsen

11th & 12th Grade - Mr. Alan Oberley, Mrs. Deb Pelz