Faith on Fire - Friday June 16th!

Join us with Wichita Adore Ministries and Wichita TEC for Faith on Fire here at St. John's in Clonmel!
Our night will begin with Supper, served at 6:00pm in the Parish Hall. Wichita TEC will provide the food, but if you could bring some dessert to share that would be great.
Adoration will start in the Church at 7:00pm, and we're going to pack the Church! Fr. John Lanzrath will be the celebrant as we adore the Lord in the Eucharist. Confessions will likely be available during Adoration.
After Adoration, stick around for an outdoor dance DJ'd by WAM Productions!
While this event is put on by Wichita TEC, we would like to encourage absolutely anyone and everyone to attend this great event! This is a free event for all ages, and all peoples of all faiths are more than welcome to attend. We do ask for everyone's respect and reverence for the Lord, truly present in the Eucharist.