Tips for Families: The Rosary - July 1, 2018

Praying the rosary doesn't always sound like a lot of fun to kids and teens (or even adults).  It can be hard to convince our families to pray and not just go through themotions and say the words.  Here are a few tips to help make this time of prayer together special.

1. Pick a Time & Place - Consistency is key!  Even if it's just once a week, choose a time when everyone is home and make it family prayer time.  Make it special, and don't give up this time when things get busy.

2. Espect Distractions - The devil hates the Rosary, and he'll try to interfere.  Prayer is a battlefield and the enemy will try to make your prayer time less fruitful.  When a distraction happens and you realize it, return to prayer as if you were dodging a bullet and continue on.

3. Light a Candle - The simple lighting of a candle can help set the time and place of prayer apart.  Set it in the center of your prayer space next to a crucifix or a picture of Mary and let it draw your eye to rest on them.

4. Use Blessed Rosaries - If you haven't done so already, have your rosaries blessed by a priest.  I'll volunteer Fr. Tatro to do this!  Having a blessed rosary brings just a little more grace to your prayer time. 

5. Focus on the Mysteries - Google some images of the mysteries of the rosary, or have your little ones draw pictures of them.  Use these to help your family contemplate the mysteries in new ways.  It's okay to let your prayer focus on the mysteries of the rosary and not necessarily on the repetitive words of the prayers. 

6. Don't go Crazy - When it comes to prayer, quality matters much more than quantity.  If your family struggles to get through an entire rosary, don't force it.  It's better to pray one or two decades well than it is to ramble through a whole rosary to 'get it done'.

7. Keep a Tally - Every prayer said during a rosary becomes a rose in Mary's heavenly crown.  Keep a tally of how many roses yoru family has added.  Each rosary has 60 Our Father's and Hail Mary's combined.  Each time you pray, multiply the number of family members praying by 60 and add it to your existing number.  It will be fun for your kids (and you) to see some sort of progress being made!

You won't regret the efforts you put forth in establishing this habit with your family.  Our lady is always generous with those who turn to her for help. 

In Him, through Her,

Cassi FitzGerald 

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