Salvation is in Jesus Christ and Happiness is found in Him!

We invite you to join the St. John the Evangelist parish family to worship Him and follow Him in discipleship!

The St. John the Evangelist parish family strives to be welcoming and hospitable.  We share frequent dinners, parish work days and celebrate baptisms and weddings.  We console those mourning the loss of a loved one and aid those who experience tragedy or disaster.  We visit those suffering illness or are limited to their home. In short, we put our gifts at the service of one another.

are formed in the life and teachings of Jesus so that we may become more attentive to the needs of the world; going beyond ourselves and living the Gospel in our homes and communities.  This formation takes many shapes throughout the seasons of our lives, and we as a parish are committed to creating a sort of "training ground" so that our community may be constnatly sent out into the world, equipped and intentional in our love for others.  Below you will find a sampling of the programs offered at St. John the Evangelist, and we encourage you to check out those pages for information about the events and special programs those ministries offer.


Parish Life

"We exist to praise God's Glory." (Ephesians 1:12)

Worship: The St. John the Evangelist parish family worships the living God at our weekend celebrations and daily Masses.  Many parishioners find much fruit in being actively involved in various ministries at Mass.

Adoration and Scripture: The St. John the Evangelist parish family has a vibrant life of Eucharistic Adoration for adults, teens, and children. Through church visits and exposition we adore our Lord in private prayer and scriptural meditation.


Faith Formation

"As lifelong disciples we seek to "know Christ...and him crucified." (1 Corinthains 2:2)

Toddlers: On Sunday mornings while their older siblings and parents are in class we have a hands-on nursery every week for our youngest parishioners staffed by loving adults and Middle School and High School stewards.  Toddlers age 3 and up can also attend Catechesis of the Good Shephrd sessions during the week.  

Kids: At St. John the Evangelist we have Faith Formation classes on Sunday mornings for Kindergarten through fifth grade as well as opportunities for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd throughout the week. 

Teens: Wednesday nights are reserved for Middle School and High School Faith Formation here at St. John's. We meet every Wednesday from September through April.  We provide opportunities for pilgrimages, retreats, summer camps, and youth gatherings to inspire their life in the Holy Spirit. 

Adults: Here at St. John the Evangelist we are happy to provide an active program of Adult Faith Formation through the generosity of teachers and professors that give their time on Sunday mornings and parishioners who lead small groups during the Lenten Season.