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Prayer and Action Recap - August 5, 2018

It has been a couple of weeks since our high school youth have returned from their week in Pittsburg, Kansas at Prayer & Action.  The students spent the week in an atmosphere that is free of distrations which helped foster their faith, inspire charity, and lead them clsoer to Christ

The week was spent in service to a man named Michael, who they call the 'miracle man'.  While in his 30's Michael and a friend stopped at a gas station on their way to the lake.  His friend ran inside and when he came back out he found Michael laying on the ground beside his jeep.  By the time he got to the hospital Michael had suffered two strokes and a brain aneurism.  About a month ago Michael was back in the hospital with some complications.  This has left Michael with difficulty working and we were blessed to be able to serve him and his dog Mr. Toad.  Our students spent the week painting Micahel's home and making some minor aesthetic repairs.  The thing about Prayer & Action is that in the end it's not truly about the house being painted, it's about serving and loving the person that God has put in front of you, be that the homeowner, the parishioners, or the people on your work crew.

We had a blessed week, thank you for your prayers and your Stweardship that allow for our young people to be able to experience the love of Christ in such a real and tangible way! 

In Him, through Her,

Cassi FitzGerald 

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