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November 19, 2017

Dear Friends,

Today is our "Call to Commitment" Sunday.  We have been preparing the last weeks to present our gifts to God in the sharing in love of our time, our talents, our treasure, our very life!  We are stewards of all that we have - not owners!

The textbook of stewardship spirituality is the Bible - the Word of God. Today in the Gospel, we learn a valuable lesson regarding stewardship.  Not everyone is given the same gifts.  However, each of us have received gifts from God.  Two of the servants who received talents from their master were prudent and hard-working to increase the gift.  One servant however buried the talent that he received.  When the master returned, he demanded that each servant give an accounting of his stewardship.

My sisters and brothers, God will demand that each of us must give an accounting of our stewardship in this life.  God has given each of us different gifts.  Each of us is called to share those gifts in love of God and neighbor.  Sadly, the temptation exists to hide and bury the talents given us by God or to hoard the talents given us by God.  Burying or hoarding the talents is not god's Will.  God gives us the talents so that we share the gifts and together, all of us benefit. 

This is the spirituality of stewardship.  Thank you to all who today made a commitment and pledge of time, talent and treasure to our parish, our diocese, our community, the wider Church throughout the world.  The question askedt his year in our stewardship renewal, "Who Are You Following?" May each of us choose wisely in following the Lord Jesus. He teaches us today in the Gospel.  Are we listening?  

In Christ's Service,

Fr. John 

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